As part of our transition year we have the option of attended a foreign trip. This years trip was to Barcelona. This trip was definitely one of the most memorable parts of my TY year.

Before the trip we had to make sure we had passports, European health insurance cards and we had to pack our bags. We left on April 30th from the New Hall at 12:00AM. We arrived at Dublin airport around 3:00AM, many people slept on the bus. Once we arrived, we were given our boarding passes. After that, we made our through security. We got on the plane around 6:00am and arrived in Barcelona around 9:30am. When we arrived, we got a bus to Barcelona and had a full day of sight seeing, everyone was exhausted but we all still enjoyed seeing some amazing parts of Barcelona such as La Sagrada Familia Exterior, the Cara Miles, The Gothic Quarter and the Cathedral. We then got some time in Barcelona to get something to eat and look around. We all met again and went to the aquarium. After the aquarium, we went to Salou to the Hotel Calypso where we would be staying.

On Monday, we went to Camp Nou Stadium. This is the largest stadium in Europe. I really enjoyed this part of the trip. We got to get lunch in Les Ramblas and at 3pm we took a cable car to the top of mountjuic. The views were beautiful here. In the evening, we went back to the hotel for our dinner. We went bowling at 7, which I found really fun.

On Tuesday, we went to Portaventura, I was very excited for this as I love to go on rollercoasters, although I’m not the biggest fan of heights. This was definitely the best day in Spain.

Wednesday was our final day, we went to Salou in the morning to walk around the streets before we got a bus to the port at midday and went shopping. At 4pm,  we went on a boat trip. We went to the airport for our flight which was at 8pm. We arrived back at Dublin airport at 11pm, we were all exhausted. We arrived back in Ballyshannon at 2am.

Overall I thought this trip was amazing, it was such a memorable experience and I am so glad I went on it. I would really recommend for people to go on these trips as you have a lot of fun.


Work Experience

Our second work experience was from the 3rd to the 7th of April. I done my work experience was from the 12th to the 16th of April. I done my work experience in the Bank House B&B in Bundoran.

Day One – Wednesday

I went into the Bank House at 8:30am and I was greeted by Hannah, who I organised my work experience with over the phone. She brought me into the kitchen and introduced me to the other staff. I washed all the breakfast dishes and put them all away. At 11 o clock, Jade and I went upstairs to clean the rooms. We had five rooms to clean for the people checking in that evening. We stripped the beds, remade them and hoovered the carpets. We finished all the rooms at 2 o clock.

Day Two – Thursday

I went in again at 8:30am. I was greeted by the owner of the b&b, Diarmuid. Again, I washed the breakfast dishes and put them all away. At 9:30am, Jade and I went up and cleaned 8 rooms. We stripped the beds, remade them and hoovered the carpets. We were finished, again, at 2 o clock.

Day Three – Friday

Hannah told me I wasn’t needed on Friday and told me to come in at 8am on Saturday and Sunday as they would be very busy.

Day Four – Saturday

I came in at 8am and was greeted by Jade. I washed dishes until half eleven and went to clean rooms until two o clock.

Day Five – Sunday

Sunday was the busiest day of all of my week there. I cleaned dishes until 12 and finished at 2 o clock.

I really enjoyed my work experience here because it gave me work experience for if I wanted to get a job in a hotel.

Work Experience

Our first work experience was on the 13th to the 17th of February. I chose to go to the Bluestack Special Needs Foundation in Donegal Town as I have always had an interest in working with people with special needs.

Day One – Monday

I went to the centre at 09:15 and was greeted by the manager, Wendy. She sent me upstairs to work with another girl who was on work experience. We were building a database for the Bluestack Challenge from the year it started (2002) up until last year (2016). We finished one database the first day. I went home at 3pm.

Day Two – Tuesday

Again, I went to the centre at 09:15 and was sent upstairs to work on another database. I finished two databases that day and went home at 3pm.

Day Three – Wednesday

I done one database for phone numbers of community places in Donegal Town. I left at 12pm as I had no more work to do.

Day Four – Thursday

This was my last day in the centre and I finished all the databases.

I did not enjoy my work experience here as I was by myself in a room the whole week and did not get to interact with any kids.

Law Course

On Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th of May, all Ty students had a two day law course which was given by a barrister from Galway called James Fahy. James Fahy has been a barrister for the last 30 years.

On Monday, all students were brought up to the Mercy Hall, where we were introduced to James. For the day, we learnt about a variety of different topics to do with the law and how the Irish Legal System works. He went through different situations and how they would be dealt with in court such as car crashes, assault and criminal offences. It was very interesting to hear different things that I didn’t know before and was surprised by. James also went through different cases he has dealt with in his career, some of them we heard before on the news. I found this part very interesting.

On Tuesday, we were in the Mercy Hall until 11:00. We spent the morning, we learnt about the Criminal Law such as robbery and murder. James went through different cases that James has been a part of some major cases in Ireland. Some of them were very disturbing. After our 11:00 break, we had to walk to the Court House for 11:30. John had arranged for us to do a mock court trial where different people would act out different parts and we would have a pretend murder trial. This was very different and interesting as I had never went to a court case before.

I enjoyed this course as I was very interested in it , I would recommend this course to other students who are interested in Law.

PE Expo Trial Run

On Thursday 27th of January, we had a trial tun for the nationwide PE Expo competition. This competition is across the country on projects, PE or sports related. Everyone in our year had to form a group and work on a project. Only 10 projects were then allowed go from our school to Dublin to compete with other schools. On Thursday, it was judged what 10 groups would get to compete.

Karen, Hannah, Grace and I did a project together. It was on different sports cultures and how they come together. We had been working on this project since before Christmas and we had done lots of research on sports in different countries. We displayed our information through sheets and a poster, and put them on the walls.

Mr Keogh, Ms McKinley and two other judges from other schools were judging the projects. They asked us questions about our projects and asked how we tested it.

We were sadly one of the groups who did not make it through to Dublin. We were all very disappointed.

LYIT Taster Day

On Friday 20th of January, a group of 50 students went to Letterkenny IT for their taster day. We got to try out 4 courses and see what different courses are like and what its like to be a student there. The building is bigger and very different to what I expected.

The first course we tried was Law. We were brought into a classroom and talked about different laws. We were divided into different groups: the defense, judges and the prosecution. Our next course was Sports Performance, we were given a talk on what the course is about and what can come out of studying it. We were shown different machinery used for experiments such as treadmills and we got to try them out. Next, we had lunch and got to order from the canteen. The food was so nice and a good idea of college life. We got 45 minutes to look around the college.

We then got to try Design and Creative Media, which was my favourite course of the day. We learned about the wide variety of areas in the course from animation to photography. We also went to a green room. This is where weather forecasts or music recordings are made. We tried it out and it was very interesting. Our final course of the day was Business. We were put into  groups and asked questions about a product.

We got the bus home at normal school finishing time. I really enjoyed the day and would definitely be thinking of this college for the future.

‘Wonderland’ in Belfast

On Thursday the 30th of March, all of the TY year traveled to Belfast to see the play version of Alice in Wonderland; Through The Looking Glass.

We left the school at ten to nine in the morning. We arrived in Belfast at Victoria’s Square at 12pm. We went shopping and had lunch. We met back at 2pm and the play started at 2:30pm. The play finished at 4pm and we arrived home at 8pm.

The play was very good and I would recommend it to other year groups.