imageFor my TY bonding trip, my year went to Delphi from the 12th to the 14th of September. We stayed two nights, leaving on Monday,  and we came back home on Wednesday. Delphi is a popular adventure resort on the Galway/Mayo border. I had never been to Delphi before and didn’t know what we would be doing, so this made the trip more exciting.

The buses left on Monday morning from our school at 9:00 and we arrived in Delphi at around 1:00 after a very long and tiring journey. We arrived at a big hostel in the middle of mountains and water. We were brought to our rooms and given time to unpack our bags. We were then divided into our activity groups and about to start our first activity at 2:00. I was put into Group 1 and our first activity was surfing. We were given wetsuits and brought to this small beach. We were brought to Cross Beach. We changed and the instructor gave us a demonstration on how to surf because most of us, including me had never been surfing much before. The instructors were very helpful and friendly and helped us in the water. We got changed and went back to the resort and had time before dinner to shower and get changed for our next activity. We had dinner at 5:45 and got a chance to talk to our friends and have a look around the resort. Our evening activity was at 7:00 and it was an adventure walk. It was a sunny evening and we got to see the lovely scenery on our walk trail. We arrived back at the resort and had supper and then went to our rooms at 10:00.

On Tuesday, we got a wake up call by one of the instructors at 7:45 and had breakfast at 8:00 and had our morning activity at 9:30 which was high ropes. I found this activity frightening and difficult as I don’t like heights but I still got involved. We had lunch at 1:00 and had our afternoon activity at 2:00 which was kayaking. We were brought to Killary fjord and given a brief demonstration on how to kayak. I was excited about kayaking as I had  never been kayaking before, I really enjoyed the activity and I definitely would go again. We got changed and had our dinner and relaxed until our evening activity. Our evening activity was called energisers and it was bonding games. We first of all went for a walk and played some team work games and then when it was starting to get dark, we went inside for some ball games. It was really fun and I got to know the people in my group. We had our supper and went to our rooms for the night.

Wednesday was our final day and we were awoken up at 7:45 for breakfast at 8:00. We still had our morning activity which was rock climbing and archery. I didn’t do the rock climbing, I held the ropes for Fiona, I enjoyed the archery. We had our lunch at 1:00 and went back to our rooms and had to pack up our things and clean our rooms. We got on our buses and started to make our way home at 2:00. I didn’t want to leave Delphi as it was such good fun. When we got back to the school at around 4:30, we got our Junior cert Results.

I really enjoyed our trip to Delphi, it gave us a chance to try out new sports and get to know our year a lot better. I would definitely recommend Delphi to other TY students.


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