Religion: Mitch’s List

Mitch made a list of things to talk to Morrie about, his list included: Fear, Society and Forgiveness.


 Fear is a natural feeling for humans to have. Fear is a sudden feeling of anxiety that you experience while doing something. It’s an important and necessary feeling in the human body. If humans didn’t feel fear, they wouldn’t be able to protect themselves from threats. Fear stops you from putting yourself in dangerous situations which could results in your death. However fear can become a problem if you give it too much control. For example, it’s not necessary to be scared of trying new things or going for an interview. It’s natural to feel nervous before doing new things but if you let these nerves control you, you let yourself fear everything, which is a problem.


Society is a constructed group of people, it is a community of people. Society shows what they think is right and what they think is wrong. Many people don’t like to go against what society thinks is right. Society can be a positive thing, it sets up an imaginary sense of security. Society is generally a negative thing. People don’t want to speak out against it, this can result in things like developing anxiety because you don’t feel like you fit into what’s right. People can develop eating disorders because they don’t fit into what society says is ‘thin’. In my opinion, society’s unrealistic views are the main cause of bullying, depression and suicide.


Forgivesness is an important thing in our lives. If nobody ever accepted an apology then we would be living our lives in bitterness. Everybody will do something that they will regret and be sorry for at least once a day. Accepting someone’s apology can help bond people together to become even closer.


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