Carnival Workshop

On Thursday 13th of October, Our TY year took part in a workshop for the Ballyshannon Carvival. The Ballyshannon Carnival is an annual parade held in Ballyshannon as part of the Donegal Bay and Bluestacks Festival. It has various acts which attract a huge crowd. This was the 16th annual parade and it was to be held on Saturday 15th of October. Every year, TY students from our school get involved in the preparation of the parade.

On Thursday morning, we went up to the Mercy Hall and were divided into groups by Maura Logue who was in charge of the carnival. The theme for this years carnival was “Army Dreamers”.  It was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising. Maura talked to us about the theme and the plan for the carnival on Saturday. We were introduced to the choreographer who done warm up dancing. We then played some games and competitions in our groups, singing and dancing.

After Break, we did some hat making which was by far my favourite activity of the day. We were put into pairs and had to work on a hat to make them more elaborate and colourful to be worn in the  carnival. I was making a hat with Una, we stuck feathers and colourful ribbons to the hat.

In the afternoon, we learned and practised the dance we were to do in the parade. It was great fun but hard work to learn all the dance. It was a great day and I learnt some great experience about working in groups and being creative.

Image result for carnival ballyshannon


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