First Aid Course

On Friday the 10th of March, a first aid course was held in the Mercy Hall. When we came into the hall, we were split into different groups. There was two paramedics giving a talk in each group. In my first group, we discussed how to handle situations like if someone passes out due to too much alcohol. We were then taught how to put someone into the recovery position, which is very important as it can prevent someone from choking in their sleep if they get sick.

In my second group, we were told how to remain calm in situations such as someone having a seizure. We learned that age depends on how people should be treated and handled during these time. In the case of a baby being too hot, we learned it should be cooled down as it could help stop the seizure. They would still need to be admitted to hospital even when the seizure stops. In the case of someone older, you should support their head and ring the ambulance.

In my third group, we learned how to apply a dressing and a cast to someone properly. We learned that even if the blood is seeping through, just get more plaster as it will eventually stop.

In my fourth group, we learned what you should do if a baby is choking. We were told that you should press the center of the babies chest because it will get the trapped food out. If you tried to do adult choking first aid on the baby, it would braking the babies ribs which would case serious damage to the baby permanently.

After break, we were all brought into a big group and we were taught how to do CPR and how to properly use an AED.

I enjoyed the first aid course and I would recommend it to other year groups.


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