LYIT Taster Day

On Friday 20th of January, a group of 50 students went to Letterkenny IT for their taster day. We got to try out 4 courses and see what different courses are like and what its like to be a student there. The building is bigger and very different to what I expected.

The first course we tried was Law. We were brought into a classroom and talked about different laws. We were divided into different groups: the defense, judges and the prosecution. Our next course was Sports Performance, we were given a talk on what the course is about and what can come out of studying it. We were shown different machinery used for experiments such as treadmills and we got to try them out. Next, we had lunch and got to order from the canteen. The food was so nice and a good idea of college life. We got 45 minutes to look around the college.

We then got to try Design and Creative Media, which was my favourite course of the day. We learned about the wide variety of areas in the course from animation to photography. We also went to a green room. This is where weather forecasts or music recordings are made. We tried it out and it was very interesting. Our final course of the day was Business. We were put into  groups and asked questions about a product.

We got the bus home at normal school finishing time. I really enjoyed the day and would definitely be thinking of this college for the future.


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