PE Expo Trial Run

On Thursday 27th of January, we had a trial tun for the nationwide PE Expo competition. This competition is across the country on projects, PE or sports related. Everyone in our year had to form a group and work on a project. Only 10 projects were then allowed go from our school to Dublin to compete with other schools. On Thursday, it was judged what 10 groups would get to compete.

Karen, Hannah, Grace and I did a project together. It was on different sports cultures and how they come together. We had been working on this project since before Christmas and we had done lots of research on sports in different countries. We displayed our information through sheets and a poster, and put them on the walls.

Mr Keogh, Ms McKinley and two other judges from other schools were judging the projects. They asked us questions about our projects and asked how we tested it.

We were sadly one of the groups who did not make it through to Dublin. We were all very disappointed.


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