Law Course

On Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th of May, all Ty students had a two day law course which was given by a barrister from Galway called James Fahy. James Fahy has been a barrister for the last 30 years.

On Monday, all students were brought up to the Mercy Hall, where we were introduced to James. For the day, we learnt about a variety of different topics to do with the law and how the Irish Legal System works. He went through different situations and how they would be dealt with in court such as car crashes, assault and criminal offences. It was very interesting to hear different things that I didn’t know before and was surprised by. James also went through different cases he has dealt with in his career, some of them we heard before on the news. I found this part very interesting.

On Tuesday, we were in the Mercy Hall until 11:00. We spent the morning, we learnt about the Criminal Law such as robbery and murder. James went through different cases that James has been a part of some major cases in Ireland. Some of them were very disturbing. After our 11:00 break, we had to walk to the Court House for 11:30. John had arranged for us to do a mock court trial where different people would act out different parts and we would have a pretend murder trial. This was very different and interesting as I had never went to a court case before.

I enjoyed this course as I was very interested in it , I would recommend this course to other students who are interested in Law.


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