Christmas Market

On Friday 9th of December, our school held a Christmas market in the Mercy Hall. Transition years and some First Years made different craft items such as wooden decorations and foods and set up a stall to sell them. The Market was from 10-4 and was open to anyone who wanted to come. People who lived in town and some primary school children came to the market. Local businesses, such as Pillbox pharmacy, came to advertise some of their products. Weeks of hard work and planning went into this market. It was a successful day. Lots of people enjoyed the day and a lot of money went to charities. Hannah, Karen and I made Christmas cookies and muffins to sell at the market.

In our Enterprise class, we had to organize into groups and come up with a product we could make and sell. Karen, Hannah and I went into a group and started researching ideas online. We looked on Pinterest and found a lot of good ideas we could do, such as Christmas baubles, tree decorations or making crayon candles. We settled on baking because it was an easy craft and many people enjoy home baking. We had to plan out what we were going to do. We researched many cookie recipes and asked around what good recipes were. We ordered cookie cutters in off Amazon. We couldn’t make our product until the day before the market. Ms Flynn let us use her H.E room to bake. They took the whole day to make and ice.

On Friday, Hannah was away so it was only Karen and me running the stall. At half 9, we realized we did not have a poster for our stall and we had to go to the art room for A3 card sheets. After we made our poster, we went up to the Mercy hall. Different primary schools attended along with the public. Our business was successful and we ended up making a good bit of money.

I’m happy we done this market because it showed us how to work as a team. It was a good day.