Makeup Course

On Thursday the 23rd of March, all the TY girls attended a makeup course given by Karla Gallagher. The talk was held in the Mercy Hall. TY1 and TY2 attended the course in the morning and TY3 and TY4 attended the course for the last four classes. We were all really looking forward to this course.

Karla started the talk off by speaking about different skin types and which products work better for your skin type. She then showed us some of her favorite skin care and makeup products. After, she demonstrated an everyday look on a TY4 girl. She gave us tips on how to apply the products properly. I found the demonstration very informative and I found the course overall enjoyable.


Careers In Science Talk

On Wednesday the 8th of March our year group attended a talk on the careers in science. We left the school at 9.a.m and arrived at 10.00. The talk was held in the Clayton hotel. I didn’t enjoy this day. It didn’t interest me and I wouldn’t recommended this talk again.

Car Safety Talk

On Thursday 20th of January, a man named Michael gave a talk to each class group on car safety. He started off the course by talking about the important guidelines for safe driving such as wearing a seat belt and warning us about the risk of drink driving. He also told us some heartbreaking stories on the people who’s lives have been affected by car accidents. It was scary to think about how easy it was for these accidents to occur and how easy it was to avoid them or easy to avoid sustaining serious injuries that could be prevented by just wearing a seat belt.

The man giving the talk was very funny and made us laugh but also made us think about the serious consequences of not paying attention to the rules of the road. It was a talk that was really eye opening and it made us realize how important it is to be careful on the road.

I thought this talk was very informative and I would recommend it to future TY students.

First Aid Course

On Friday the 10th of March, a first aid course was held in the Mercy Hall. When we came into the hall, we were split into different groups. There was two paramedics giving a talk in each group. In my first group, we discussed how to handle situations like if someone passes out due to too much alcohol. We were then taught how to put someone into the recovery position, which is very important as it can prevent someone from choking in their sleep if they get sick.

In my second group, we were told how to remain calm in situations such as someone having a seizure. We learned that age depends on how people should be treated and handled during these time. In the case of a baby being too hot, we learned it should be cooled down as it could help stop the seizure. They would still need to be admitted to hospital even when the seizure stops. In the case of someone older, you should support their head and ring the ambulance.

In my third group, we learned how to apply a dressing and a cast to someone properly. We learned that even if the blood is seeping through, just get more plaster as it will eventually stop.

In my fourth group, we learned what you should do if a baby is choking. We were told that you should press the center of the babies chest because it will get the trapped food out. If you tried to do adult choking first aid on the baby, it would braking the babies ribs which would case serious damage to the baby permanently.

After break, we were all brought into a big group and we were taught how to do CPR and how to properly use an AED.

I enjoyed the first aid course and I would recommend it to other year groups.

Christmas Market

On Friday 9th of December, our school held a Christmas market in the Mercy Hall. Transition years and some First Years made different craft items such as wooden decorations and foods and set up a stall to sell them. The Market was from 10-4 and was open to anyone who wanted to come. People who lived in town and some primary school children came to the market. Local businesses, such as Pillbox pharmacy, came to advertise some of their products. Weeks of hard work and planning went into this market. It was a successful day. Lots of people enjoyed the day and a lot of money went to charities. Hannah, Karen and I made Christmas cookies and muffins to sell at the market.

In our Enterprise class, we had to organize into groups and come up with a product we could make and sell. Karen, Hannah and I went into a group and started researching ideas online. We looked on Pinterest and found a lot of good ideas we could do, such as Christmas baubles, tree decorations or making crayon candles. We settled on baking because it was an easy craft and many people enjoy home baking. We had to plan out what we were going to do. We researched many cookie recipes and asked around what good recipes were. We ordered cookie cutters in off Amazon. We couldn’t make our product until the day before the market. Ms Flynn let us use her H.E room to bake. They took the whole day to make and ice.

On Friday, Hannah was away so it was only Karen and me running the stall. At half 9, we realized we did not have a poster for our stall and we had to go to the art room for A3 card sheets. After we made our poster, we went up to the Mercy hall. Different primary schools attended along with the public. Our business was successful and we ended up making a good bit of money.

I’m happy we done this market because it showed us how to work as a team. It was a good day.


Be Healthy, Be Happy Day

On Thursday, the 13th of October, 50 TY’s from our school were invited to a day of workshops in the Abbey Hotel in Donegal Town. This was organized by Connect Mental Health and Foroige Youth Project. it was part of Connect Mental Health week. This event involved interactive and fun workshops about different things to do with your mental health such as eating well, being active and  the importance of balance and relaxation. I had volunteered to help out with Connect Mental Health Week, I was invited to go to the event.

On Thursday morning, we went on a bus to Donegal Town and were brought into the Abbey Hotel. There was a board with the lists of the different groups for the workshops. I was in the purple group and was given a purple wristband. We first went into the ballroom and were greeted by other students from other schools across Donegal who we were mixed with.  There was a stall with fruit, snacks and water that we could take for free. We sat down to listen to a talk by Breifne Earley, who cycled across the world in 2014/2015. He told us how he had suffered badly with depression and suicidal thoughts, he also told us about how he decided to turn his life around. He also showed us a video with different clips of all 27 countries he travelled across. It was inspirational.

We had 5 workshops,each workshop was about 40 minutes long. Our first workshop was yoga. The woman done simple exercises with us. It was very relaxing and calming and a nice way to start the morning. She told us the importance of relaxation and de-stressing by doing something you enjoy such as reading or having a bath. Yoga is a very good way to calm down and relax and take some time for yourself. The second workshop we did was a cooking demonstration by Donegal chef,Zack Gallagher. He showed us how to do a simple chicken stir-fry and gave us basic tips when cooking meals. He told us the importance of eating healthy food for our mental health, let alone our physical health. It was very interesting and also tasted really good. Our next workshop was a dance workshop and was my favorite workshop of the day. A woman called Theresa done dancing with us and told us how important it was to be yourself and not be afraid to be different. It was super fun and I really enjoyed it. We then went and got lunch and returned to the Abbey Hotel for our final 2 workshops.

After lunch, our next 2 workshops were more serious. Our first talk was with a woman who works for Jigsaw, a youth mental health organization. She talked to us about the importance of speaking out if we had a problem and showed us some videos about sharing problems. She also talked to us about the Donegal Youth Council and what they do. Our final talk was about minding our mental health and basically summarized the whole day.

I thoroughly enjoyed this day and it made me realize the different things that can affect our mental health and the importance of minding it!

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Internet Safety Talk

On the 20th of October, we had an internet safety talk with Bank of Ireland. They started off the talk by asking questions about social media and then showed us graphs which showed the average amount of time people spend online. The top apps included Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram which was expected. They then started talking to us about how we display far too much personal information online about ourselves. They then showed us this commercial advert done by Starbucks which showed by just saying your name can render people to find out so much about you in the space of 3o seconds. They also talked about internet scams and how to avoid them. They said that Facebook is very popular for these scams and we should do our best to be alert and avoid them.